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In addition to camerawork I offer my skills in gripwork and have created a short showreel comprising corporate, drama and experimental shots. All just using my dolly+rails and/or my manual jib - no gimbals used, and none of these shots are stabilised in post.

Pendicle Productions is the name I operate under for any projects I work on directly, otherwise I freelance under my own name. Pendicle was the name of the farm I grew up on and which had the view depicted in my logo. It means a small but integral part of the whole Estate, so Pendicle Productions can be that integral part of your project. Projects obviously vary in scale and I will bring in crew to suit the brief and budget.

Follow me on Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn for my #Today'sOffice posts. Also find me on Film Bang under Camera Operator and under Unit Driver.


A camera operator / videographer, I have experience of sports, live music, live events and performances, conferences, commercial advertising videos, and drama shorts and webisodes. Examples of these are in my showreel, in the video gallery, and my Vimeo and Youtube channels.

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